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Fancy Feast Broths Creamy With Tuna & Vegetables Wet Cat Food is an average quality wet cat food. It contains more than enough protein and tuna, which is a quality ingredient. It also has quite a lot of carbohydrates. However, it contains too few fats.

Also, be careful if your cat has food sensitivities or allergies. Creamy With Tuna & Vegetables Wet Cat Food contains fish broth, milk and tuna, which are potential allergens. Other ingredients included in this wet cat food that some cat guardians may find questionable are guar gum and modified tapioca starch.

Life Stages

Creamy With Tuna & Vegetables Wet Cat Food is suitable for cats in all stages of life, according to its manufacturer.

Diets & Conditions

Creamy With Tuna & Vegetables Wet Cat Food is suitable for cats with the following condition or dietary requirement:

Nutritional Analysis

Moisture88.5 %
Protein*60.9 %
Fats*0.4 %
Fiber*8.7 %
Ash*26.1 %
Carbs*3.9 %
* on a dry matter basis

Compared to other wet foods in our Cat Food Database, Creamy With Tuna & Vegetables Wet Cat Food contains:

  • an average amount of protein,
  • far fewer fats,
  • an average amount of fiber,
  • a lot more ash,
  • and an average amount of carbohydrates.

Caloric Content

Creamy With Tuna & Vegetables Wet Cat Food contains approximately 46.2 calories per 100 grams, or 13.1 calories per ounce. This is a lot more than other wet foods in our database.

How many calories your cat needs depends on her age, size and activity level. If you want to know exactly how many calories your cat needs, please checkout our Cat Food Calculator. If you need more information on a healthy diet and weight management tips for cats, read our Complete Guide To Feline Nutrition.

Creamy With Tuna & Vegetables Wet Cat Food


The protein content of this cat food is more than sufficient to sustain your cat.


This cat food does not contain enough fat for a healthy cat to maintain its body mass. Only choose this product as an occasional treat, or if your cat needs to lose some weight.


The amount of carbs in this food is slightly elevated, but still within an acceptable range. If you feed this to your cat regularly, keep an eye on her weight and water intake. If either one goes up, it might be a sign your cat is pre-diabetic.


Quality IngredientsQuestionable IngredientsAllergens
tunaguar gum
modified tapioca starch
fish broth

Full list of ingredients

Fish broth, tuna, tomatoes, carrots, fish extract, milk, modified tapioca starch, added color, guar gum, xanthan gum, Vitamin E supplement.   B-6551.

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